Dead Elvist Lives upto the Hype


The king is not dead. He was back from the grave at Cosmic Café last night for his Asian Zombification Tour. Popscene presented the city of angels with Dead Elvis and His One Man Grave in one of the most intriguing, strange yet entertaining rock performances out there.

The night kicked off with Rocket Science, who, despite playing for only a minuscule early crowd, decided they would rock out like they were in Madison Square Garden complementing their grunge rock style with plenty of powerkicks. More attendees started to flow in as Sangsom Massacre took the stage and played a fun, energetic set with their garage rock style. TSOS took the stage next and decided to turn the noise level up to eleven much to the delight of the hardcore fans in the audience.

Finally, it was time for Elvis to be exhumed and rock RCA. After a few minutes of the overly dramatic theme of 2001: A Space Oddity blaring through Cosmic’s soundsystem, Dead Elvis took the stage garbed in Elvis’ iconic onesy and sporting a zombie mask that included the king’s ever popular hair swirl. The performance of psychobilly rock with a heavy blues influence got the crowd going crazy especially for hits like “Monster Under My Bed” and “Cold Heart of Mine”. In a more intimate moment with the crowd, Dead Elvis shared advice on what to do when encountering a monster and shared other anecdotes that only an Elvis who has been in the grave for 35 years could have experienced. The guitar playin’, drum thumpin’, mic lovin’ and drink swillin’ Dead Elvis rocked out for one hour leaving the fans wanting more. For the big finish the crowd was treated to some of the King of Rock and Roll’s trademark kicks and then he left the building.


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