5 Things We Learned at the Made by Legacy Flea Market
By: Talk Bangkok
This weekend marked Made by Legacy's second American style flea market. Studio 61 hosted the event, offering two warehouse rooms in which artisans and collectors could display their wares. The overall environment is reminiscent of the very popular Brooklyn Night Bazaar in New York, but on a much smaller scale. A stroll through the market enlightened Talk Bangkok about a few insights about the vintage community in Bangkok.

1. Vintage Is Certainly In

The turn out was surprising, especially considering the market opened at 3 pm and by 4, both warehouses were swarming with curious shoppers. Many people were willing to pay a premium for authentic vintage wear and furniture. One shop that particularly stood out was the Bangklyn Project. Located in the back corner of the bright, white warehouse, Bangklyn displayed its collection of vintage cupboards and refurbished U.S. Postal service bags. A combination of Bangkok and Brooklyn, Bangklyn imports shirts, furniture, fabrics and other materials directly from the United States. Old brass pipes become fashionable vintage lamps and old metal lockers are lacquered up and adorned with oil stained Bethlehem Steel banners for a retro, Americana cabinet. Bangklyn has a permanent store opposite of Siam Square Soi 1.

2. Music by the Beastie Boys is Now Considered Vintage

Vinyl vendors were in abundance at Made by Legacy as old school records seem to be the definition of vintage culture. Otto Records had a sizable collection of 7 and 12 inch records, which included classic artists from the sixties and seventies. In the same bin as these classic rockers was the Beastie Boys' Hot Sauce Committee Part 2. The album is admittedly only two years old, but its company made late twenty-somethings the world over suddenly feel old. The album's artwork, however, looked stellar on the twelve inch record sleeve so its no wonder that vintage record sellers like Otto and the Bangkok Record Collection were prominently featured at the market.

3. Chocolate Chip Cookies are Still Delicious

If any dessert would be considered vintage, it would have to be the chocolate chip cookie. Fortunately, Brooklyn Baker was able to supply vendors and shoppers alike with their deliciously gooey, soft chocolate chip cookies. They also had a number of other interesting items such as raspberry brownies and spicy caramel popcorn, which seems to line up with that Brooklyn style. It's okay to be envious of the Japanese and American embassy workers who are conveniently located up the road from this bakery on Vitayu (Wireless) Road.

4. Sports Cars Are Sold At Flea Markets These Days

Just about every person was stopped in their tracks upon entering warehouse 2 when they gazed upon the 1950s-era Porsche 356. The undeniably gorgeous black convertible was prominently displayed in the center of the room and photographed hundreds of times. However, it seemed a bit ironic that most attendees were in search of authenticity, yet here was a sports car being sold at a flea market. Also raising questions about authenticity was the car itself. At the (relatively) low asking price of 4 million baht, the original body and interior may not have such an original engine. Regardless, it was pretty neat to check out close up.

5. Actual Stores Are Way Too Corporate

Going along with the sixties theme of sticking it to the man, it became evident early on that despite having business names and cards, very few of the vendors had actual storefronts. The record dealers such as Otto Records and Bangkok Record Collection simply ask interested buyers to message them on Facebook with suggestions and they will track down the album and send it to you. Despite this unconventional business model, the products being sold are still top-quality and in some cases even more personalized as a result. A perfect example it Viapiana Jeans, which allows customers to customize their jeans from the size and fit all the way down to the denim and type of stitching used to make the pants. A very cool concept and a steal compared to the ridiculous prices of designer jeans sold in shopping malls around the world.


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