TB Bar Crawl: The Khao San Club Crawl
By: Talk Bangkok
Most people think of Khao San as a stuffy street with hot bars overflowing with tourists, trading travel stories and advice. While this is certainly appealing to many explorers of Southeast Asia, some prefer to steer clear of the existential naturalists trying to find their way in the world and just hit the clubs. Here is a nice little (unofficial) club crawl to get away from the street and avoid the bongos.

Hippie de Bar:

The first stop on our club crawl is admittedly not a club at all. But let's face it, no one wants to hit the clubs stone cold sober. To lubricate your dancing muscles head over to Hippie de Bar. This small bar is set back away from the noise of the main street and offers an ideal environment to sip on a few brews as the rest of your crew meets up. Enjoy the quiet, outdoor courtyard. When your quiet conversation becomes a few decibels too high, its time to hit the clubs.

Brick Bar:

Head down the street and fight the crowds. Grabbing a cold Leo from a street side vendor can make this more bearable. Head for the golden arches. Seriously. When you see Ronald McDonald, give him a wai and enter the building. Fight the temptation to grab some fries and keep heading straight back to the brick archway filled with young Thai partygoers. Once inside, grab a picnic table and a bottle of Ben More and let the energy of the place take over. The music here is ska, which means just about any dance move in your arsenal will do.

The Cliff and The Club:

If you enjoyed the Thai scene, head back from whence you came and keep an eye out on the right side of the street for The Cliff Club. Hop inside this dimly lit club and enjoy the live band or DJ. If you have a need for the English language and neon clothing, then skip the Cliff and head to the Club. Cram-packed with tourists and a touch of Thais, the Club plays house music until 3:00 am. Tables are hard to come by later in the night so hopefully you got your fill before, or you can always go by the glass.


You may find your party split in two between those who want to wind down for the night, and those who want to keep on going. There is a solution to this age old dilemma and its name is Gazebo. Located just off the end of Khao San, Gazebo is open late and has a nice rooftop area to slow down your evening a bit. Your pals who want to keep on grooving to dance tunes can do so in their indoor club area. When the club finally closes at night you can rejoin forces to take on the stubborn taxi drivers for a ride home.

*This is an unofficial bar crawl. 


TB Bar Crawl

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