TB Bar Crawl: Trendy Thong Lor
By: Talk Bangkok
On occasion, its nice to settle into a quiet bar for the night and enjoy some quiet conversation with friends. However, more often than not, it's fun to have an ever-changing environment, constantly changing crowds and sample libations from the minds of different mixologists. Talk Bangkok has put together an unofficial bar crawl for your weekend that features trendy bars and clubs in Thong Lor.

First Stop: Bad Motel

Taste matters most in the beginning of the night when you are not too drunk that you'll pour just about anything down your gullet, so the first stop is Bad Motel. Take a seat in the back patio and order up a signature drink or craft brew. We recommend the Bangkok Mule, which is flavored with bael, the same as the tea you sip after a Thai massage. Take in the scenery and the artsy Thai trendsters patronizing the bar before heading off to the next destination.

Second Stop: Seenspace

Take a right out of Bad Motel and walk a couple blocks to Thong Lor Soi 13. Walk down the street until you hear it and enter the Seenspace courtyard, filled with young Thai professionals and college students as well as a healthy dose of farang. Take a table where you can. The options are vast. If you're on a beer binge, BREW has one of the most extensive lists in Bangkok offering over 200 varieties of beer from around the world. If you want to sip on some spirits, Clouds offers signature martinis and classic cocktails. The wine crowd can often find a good special at Fat'r Gut'z. It's worth staying for a couple drinks here as the environment is lively and the crowd is sure of offer plenty of eye candy for guys and girls alike.

Third Stop: Arena 10

At this point you should be feeling pretty good. It's time to dance. Walking to Thong Lor Soi 10 is definitely doable, but no one will hold it against you if you hop a taxi for the very short ride. At the back of Arena 10 sits Funky Villa and Demo. These two clubs have one entrance, so turn left for live music and right for dance or hip hop. These clubs will be teeming with Thais dressed to the nines and foreigners who have been here long enough to know how to get drunk with class. Buy a bottle for the table or enjoy the show the bartenders put on while concocting some potent cocktails. If your feet get sore from dancing, there is ample seating room on Funky's patio.

Final Destination: Wip

At 2:00 am the clubs will turn on the lights. Grab your friends who can still stand and find your final destination. It would be possible to walk to Safe House on Ekamai, however this is a Thong Lor bar crawl so it would only be right to conclude the evening (morning) at Wip. Find a taxi and have your new best friend drop you off underneath the Thong Lor entrance ramp in front of the unassuming office building. Follow the throngs of late night partygoers to the club's entrance and be ready for a true test of stamina. The massively long dance hall is almost always packed with all kinds of people and it's always easy to make new friends. If you are dancing and the staff asks you (and everyone else) to leave, you have made it. Exit the building, find a good spot on the Petchburi highway and watch the sun rise over the neon lights of the massage parlors lining the street. It's time to start your day.

*This is an unofficial bar crawl for your enjoyment. The bars will be open, but if you ask them where the next place on the bar crawl is, they will have no idea what you are talking about. Unless they read this article, of course.


TB Bar Crawl

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