Thong Lor is famous for housing extravagant concept bars. That's what draws a lot of the word of mouth.

All creatively designed by the same owner, Iron Fairies, Clouds and Fat Gut'z are simply beyond words. Each is completely unique and deserves its own explanations in our listings, but here's just a taste - you'll see everything from jars of fairy dust to Barbie dolls hanging from the ceilings.

These spots are more for a sit-down, lounging experience. If dancing is what you're game for, there are many nightclubs and after-hours joints in Thong Lor which even play Thai pop and hiphop. Demo, Funky Villa and Muse are the trifecta of Thong Lor groove, all within a few steps from each other.

Now, there are always new hangouts popping up in this area and that's part of its charm. The Catbird Seat is one of them, with a decadent view of the Thong Lor area and a cool interior. The Gossip is another, and this restaurant is from the same team that runs the popular Oskar Bistro on Sukhumvit Soi 11.
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